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Most Popular Places In Pakistan To Visit

Here is the list of the Top Most Beautiful Places in Pakistan

Swat Tour Packages

Culturally rich in Buddhist civilization, Swat is located in a deep valley with its breathtaking tourist points.

A simply beautiful Pashtun dominated district is a must go on your trip to Pakistan. An enchanting Mahodand Lake is the top wanderlust of Swat district with horse riding, fishing and many other activities to entertain.

Other places that might be of interest when visiting Swat valleys are snow covered hillside area of Malam Jabba, Mingora and a Buddhist monastery of Takht I Bahi.

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Muree Tour Packages

Anyone who lives in Pakistan must already know about the wonders of Muree, if not then it is one of the most visited tourist spots of Pakistan because of its easy accessibility and striking distance from the twin cities.

There are many things to do in Murree including some amazing activities like Patriarta chair lift and site seeing of Kashmir Point.

For those wanting adventure of rides, there is a decent adventure park located in the Murree to keep tourists engaged on their trip.

With its long shopping road called Murree Mall Road, this place catches everyone’s eyes even the foreigners.

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Hunza Tour Packages

Hunza, a mountainous valley situated in the extreme north of Pakistan is a beautiful eye-catching place for most of the tourists or even locals.

This place has been a center of attraction for many reasons the obvious one being the extensive valley itself with remarkable Altit and Baltit Fort. Another breathtaking landmark to visit is Attabad Lake situated in the middle of the high peaks. This mountainous place is heavily covered with trees that bloom in spring to summers.

If you are planning to escape the scorching heat of summers or want to enjoy flaky snowfall in the winter, Hunza is picturesque for you!

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Chitral Tour Packages

In the lap of deep Hindu Kush mountains the valley of Chitral, where the Greek culture is still in practice.

Mainly known for its Kalash valley, Chitral is the best place to visit through early summers till late.

Chitral district’s main attraction is watching sunset and dawn at Tirich Mir, one of the tallest peak of Hindu Kush Range.

A magnificent architecture of Shahi Masjid representing the rich culture of the district is yet another place to visit on your trip to Chitral.

Many Pakistan tour packages include a visit to Shahi Qila and Ayun valley in Chitral as well.

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Azad Kashmir Tour Packages

A place that carries a rich history and attractions, Azad Kashmir has proven to attract tourists because of its pleasing environment.

Located in the north of Pakistan, this place has many scenic routes as well as landscapes including Neelum River that flows deep and cold makes it the best place to visit in the summer.

The north is rich in peaks, Azad Kashmir also has a top viewing at Pir Chinasi. So if you are fond of hiking (or you can travel another way around too) this place is worth visiting in Azad Kashmir.

Apart from these, Red Fort and Black Fort are known for its historical architecture are worth a visit alongside the banks of Neelum River.

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Northern Pakistan – A heaven on the Earth

Most of Southern Pakistan is extremely hot during summers and not a preferable place by tourists. So, to steer clear of these summers, people opt for the cool Northern Areas. Blessed with the naturally beautiful landscapes, cold weathers, and mountains, the North is one of the most famous spots for tourists.

If you are looking for recommendations, some of the most exciting tour packages to travel Pakistan might include a trip to Murree, Swat, Hunza, Gilgit, or other close cities which will woo your heart away with their beauty.

Been planning a long relaxing trip with your friends and family but it just won’t happen? Don’t worry, now is the perfect time to make the trip to Pakistan, and that too, in affordable rates.

There are only two things which make or break a good trip: friends or family and the convenience or comfort you are getting. One of the key things which makes the experience of a trip worthy is the comfortability offered. However, this might slightly be dependent on your personal preferences and the budget you actually have for the trip.

Why Pakistan?

Keeping this in mind, your dream trip to the exotic and naturally rich places of Pakistan might require a little effort so this traveling experience is the best you have ever had! But, you can massively cut your work out for you by choosing the right tour package from a guide agency.

What actually is a tour package?

Tour Packages? YES! Avoid these inconveniences by letting professional guides and tourists tell you where you should go, what you should do, and let them take control of the hassles. Most tour packages already come with a reservation to basic necessities like hotels, food, water, transport, and fun.

To keep tourists engaged and be able to visit Pakistan entirely, each Pakistan tour package has a different route it might take. Some might take you through the Northern Areas and have you witness nature’s most beautiful elements and some might take you through the most significant regions of Pakistan so you can witness the cultures firsthand.

Which tour package is right for you?

Be it a summer vacation trip or a special get away with your partner, it all depends on the choice of your cities, services, and the necessities offered. Also, your budget might also alter your decision a bit.

So, depending on your budget, you might add or remove luxuries in your package. Say, if you are looking to make this journey exquisitely luxurious, you might opt for business class tickets and fly through planes.

But, if you are a budgeted traveler and love to explore for the memories, you might go for a long road trip or simply travel by train. Such transport mediums also offer economy classes so your budget needs can be fulfilled.

From simple hotels to deluxe, five-star hotels, you could choose from anyone. Sure, the differences in each one of these (for services and comfort) are going to be very apparent, but, again, if you are there for the experience, no such thing is going to stop you!

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