Chitral Tour Packages

Chitral is is the extreme northern region of Pakistan with a unique and different cultural style; influenced by Greek, Iranian, Tatar and Turkish cultures. People have Chitral in their Pakistan tour packages to not just expose themselves to natural beauty but to learn about its culture and local practices. You can visit the following places in Chitral to make your trip great and memorable

Trich Mir

You can view Tirch Mir- a beautiful snow-capped and the highest peak of Hindukush range from several different places in Chitral like the rooftop of hotels or the palace of Chitral’s king.

Chitral Museum

A place that has preserved the culture of Chitral since past so many decades is a place to visit for everyone who loves to visit historical places. It’s beautiful interior and exterior designs speak of the uniqueness of this museum.


A must go place for all the nature lovers, you can visit this place and enjoy the mesmerizing view of beautiful snow-capped mountains and lush green trees surrounding the area.

Shahi Majid

Shahi Masjid also is known as Shahi Qila is one of the ancient mosques, built in 1924 AD. It is a beautiful mosque known for its unique and different architectural style representing the ancient culture of Chitral.

Polo ground

Polo is one of the famous and most played games in Chitral. Therefore, there are a lot of polo grounds there but the main one is situated in Chitral city. You can visit this ground for a different experience and enjoy a match.

Ayun Valley

Sited at the bank of Chitral river and situated between the cities of Chitral and Kalash, this beautiful valley is one of the most visited places in Chitral. As it is surrounded by greenery and beautiful mountains, it does not just offer a spectacular view but a peaceful environment to walk or just sit and relax

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