What comes first in your mind when listening to the word fairy meadows?

A relaxing getaway in lush green gardens. Yes, fairy meadows located in the lap of Nanga Parbat mountains in the Gilgit-Baltistan is a must in your Pakistan tour package.

Though the route is pretty difficult, for such beauty it is worthwhile. You can reach there only through a jeep or trekking on your own.

This place is open for tourists only for six months due to extreme weather in winter so the best season to visit fairy meadows is from April till September.

This vast lush green ground is the perfect spot for camping. Tourists who aim to spend nights under a sky full of stars and soft green grass as a pillow will actually enjoy this place to its core.

If you are a detail-oriented traveler, fairy meadows are surrounded by many forests including alpine forests and coniferous forests.

Many rare animals are also found in that region such as brown bears and musk deers which are now known to be endangered.

If you visit the fairy meadows at the right time, there might be many polo matches arranged and that is one of the scenic views at such high altitude to experience.

There isn’t much to do in fairy meadows, then just relax and unveil the beauty of nature.
Other small activities to observe include horse riding, trekking and walking experience to nearby villages.

With time, this place has grown and there are many standard hotels full of facilities available in fairy meadows to accommodate you and that too being pocket-friendly in your fairy meadows tour package.

So, if you are looking to take some time off from work fairy meadows might be the best option to opt for.

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