Best Places To Visit in Neelum Valley

Neelum valley, a district of Azad Kashmir is the pleasantly weathered location of Pakistan. This place is known for its panoramic views and beautiful sceneries that has proven to attract many tourists.

Neelum River is also famous for trout fishing because of its flowy nature. Accommodation facilities have increased in this area over the years because of an increase in tourists in summers.

Neelum valley is a must-go place that you should include in your Pakistan tour package.

Here are few picks to make your visit worth-while in Neelum Valley:

Dhani Noseri waterfall

  • Located 33 km away from Muzzafarabad, Dhani Noseri is known as the highest waterfall in the Neelum Valley.
  • The best time to visit this waterfall is through March to June when the water is in full swing.
  • It is heightened about 15 m, stunning the tourists with its enchanting scenes.

Kutton Jagran Resort

  • This is a beautiful resort made for the tourists who want to relax in a place surrounded by the lush green mountains and echoing voices of the water flowing.
  • This Resort is located 10 km away from Jagran Valley and is easily accessible.

Kundal Shahi

  • This is another picturesque waterfall located 70 km away from the Muzzafarabad.
  • This place is known for its uniqueness where Jugran Nullah collides with Neelum River.
  • For tourists’ convenience, there are plenty of hotels available.


  • Sharda and Nardi, the two mountains named after the two princesses are known for its captivating view.
  • The whole place is covered with many thick forests and hills. Enthusiasts can enjoy boating here as well.
  • There are many facilities available in this area such as hotels, post offices, and bazaars.


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